New Satchel Designs!

We’ve been putting our heads together here at Younique to come up with some amazing new product ideas for our customers in 2015. After a few sketches and a chat with our bespoke leather crafter, we can finally announce that we are working on a fabulous new take on the eco Tote Bag – The Satchel Tote! We know how popular the Tote bag is, and we think they’re great for popping to the shops with, and are a trendy sustainable way of protecting our environment from unnecessary plastic bags. So we’ve taken our favourite signature satchel style and applied it to the tote, making for a useful bag with a vintage twist. We’re currently mocking up our first prototype so we can perfect the design and get it out to you as soon as we can!

We’re also responding to a lot of customer requests to make a satchel backpack, and we’re finally getting a range together to add to our permanent stock. These satchel backpacks will of course be available in varying sizes, colours, and with a range of bespoke detailing. Whether you choose to design your own or purchase one of ours, we’re sure you’ll love our new range.

So keep watching this space for details about our 2015 product range. We can’t wait to see your reactions to them!

large green


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