Shop Local for Christmas!

mass produced tatWe’ve just come across this image courtesy of @craftbloguk on Twitter, and we couldn’t resist sharing it! More and more customers each year are turning to British handmade gifts, and rightly so! Christmas has become swallowed by mass produced, and it’s great to see that customers who are growing tired of the commercial and the corporate, are choosing to support local homegrown businesses at the most crucial time of year!

As a British grown business, not only do we provide a direct discourse with a customer, but we also go out of way to bring you the most original and carefully crafted products that make the most thoughtful and unique Christmas gifts! So this year we are putting a challenge to all our customers and blog readers – why don’t you see just how many gifts you can buy on your local high street or market!

This christmas, you can find us selling our British designed handmade satchels and bags at the following events and websites:

Chester Christmas Markets
Spinningfield’s Christmas Market
Buxton Artisan Market
Wilmslow Artisan Market
Knustford Makers Market
Trentham Hall Christmas Event

Our webpage
Great British Life Shop


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