Charming Sheepskin

London Fashion Week 2014 saw the introduction of luxurious sheepskin accessories as a key Autumn / Winter look. We’re lucky enough to be good buddies with the fabulous Baa Stool – a small company based in North Wales who make stunning furniture and fashion out of British sheepskin. We’ve been borrowing Michelle’s amazing fluffy bag charms to show off our vintage inspired leather satchels, and we think they make a great pairing!

An absolute bargain at £19.50, each charm is completely unique and carefully selected British wool. They come in a variety of colours and patterns, and are lovingly crafted into a cute heart shape. We love them teamed with our Rowallan Denver Range of leather satchels, they look great with the vintage finish and colours.

We’ll be stocking some of Baa Stool’s charms at all our markets over the Christmas period, a perfect addition to any leather bag gift!

B1HxhITCQAETqG0 B1HxhJgCUAAyDFn B04LcahCcAAMCdC.jpg large


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