Where Our Satchels Have Been This Week….

This weekend we’ve been at a seriously important family wedding, and we’ve only just recovered enough to blog about it! Sam is the eldest daughter of Jayne – Younique’s founder – and your very own blogger’s big sister! Much anticipated, we’ve been helping Sam and her husband Chris plan their shabby chic farm yard wedding for the past year – this has included handmaking reams of bunting, decorating tonnes of chalkboards, collecting lots of tin cans, and remodelling some of our lovely market stall props to be used as vintage inspired wedding props!

Huntstile Farm in Somerset was the stunning location for the wedding, and the service was held at a lovely little traditional church just down the lanes. The farm is famed for being an organic produce farm, and it was such great fun to get acquainted with the animals and veg patches around the yard – including some very friendly free-range farm dogs, chickens, goats, cats, and of course the piggies! The accomodation at the farm was beautiful too. Between gypsy caravans, summer houses, cider cellars, and a traditonal panelled room for the bridal suite, the farm offered us a couple of very relaxing nights, along with some lovely grub from the pizza kitchen and the best cooked breakfast we’ve had in a long time (much needed after a barrell of cloudy cider the night before)!

With afternoon tea for the wedding breakfast, a beautiful ‘naked’ wedding cake,  campervan and tractor transport, and stunning sunflower bouquets, the wedding was a huge success and looked fab from start to finish. Sam and Chris really put their own stamp on the farm for the weekend. We loved getting stuck in with all the handmade decor and really enjoyed being farmers for the weekend at Huntstile. Official wedding photos are to follow shortly, but here are some snaps we got around and about at the farm!




DSC_0649DSC_0658DSC_0661DSC_0622DSC_0675DSC_0598 DSC_0640 DSC_0656 DSC_0663 DSC_0681 DSC_0687


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