The Best Things About Being an Independent British Company…


Last week saw the first ever Buy British Day being celebrated, and it made us think about how lucky we are to be running our very own happy and healthy British business. It’s all well and good making the big leap into self employment if you enjoy choosing your own hours, your office location, and your lunch break. And yes, sometimes it’s great spending a morning mooching around an art gallery for inspiration or meeting a friend for coffee before knuckling down to business. The liberation of being your own boss and following  your own ideas and instincts rivals becoming a little number in a corporate world of big numbers.

But it’s not just about the lifestyle that being your own boss affords us that makes it so great to be running our own business. We made the scary decision to forge our own brand after years of experience working for corporate brands and big commercial companies, and over the past couple of years we’ve never looked back – all because of our lovely customers and the pride we have in our British products.

For us, it’s being known as ‘The Bag Lady’ to the waitresses at our local cafe who all proudly wear our satchels. It’s being able to recommend a product to our customers just by looking and listening. It’s being able to remember which bag a customer fell in love with last month – so when they return to market with their hard-earned wages we’ve already got it bagged up for them.  It’s watching loyal customers walk past our pop up shops and happily pat their leather satchel whilst miming the words ‘got mine!’. It’s knowing our products inside out – it’s knowing where they came from, and the names of the talented crafters who made them. It’s that excitement when we wrap up a leather satchel and post it to America, or France, or Australia – being happy with the small stamp our little company is putting on the big wide world.

It’s these reasons that get us out of bed each morning and keep us running our little independent business. For these reasons our returning customers continue to shop local with us, and our new ones are excited to meet us and our products. Our impact on the big commercial corporate companies may be little, but to our world, it’s huge. And we are determined to keep it growing!




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