Thompson House Eco Farm and Equestrian Centre

Last weekend we were invited along to Standish Country Fair, held at the newly refurbished Thompson House Eco Farm. Based on 80 acres of beautiful farm land, the equine centre is a new venture which offers purpose built respite care and accomodation, accessible riding and fishing facilities, and a bespoke equine training facility. The centre not only encourages but fully enables those with disabilities to get invovled in all things horsey – and the show put on some absolutely amazing events to showcase their brilliant riders over the weekend. 



The exciting new venture at Thompson House Farm is run with the help of My Life – a CIC company based in the North West whose philosophy is as follows:

“… to encourage and inspire individuals of any age and ability through an innovative approach to learning and discovery. Children, young people and adults will be offered regular workshops to acheive and develop confidence through hands-on learning, either in a group setting or an individual basis.”

Sounds great to us… and we were lucky enough to chat to some truly inspirational riders who popped by our stall to browse our lovely bags!

Overall we had a great weekend, with everything from choir singing, vintage tractor displays, carriage driving, and horses jumping through fire. Yes, you heard, horses jumping through FIRE! If that’s not worth a visit to this brilliant new farm, I don’t know what is!

Younique x








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