Grasmere Sports & Show

We were very honoured to be invited to the 164th Grasmere Sports Show at the bank holiday weekend! Luckily the lovely English weather held out long enough for us to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and to soak up the history of the show. Apparently, the show began as a place for wrestlers to scrap it out on the village green, eventually becoming established as THE place to compete for talented athletes across the North of England by the 1870s.

It was great to see that the annual show has stuck to its sporty roots, featuring tugs of war, egg and spoon racing, jester juggling, wrestling, and fell running. We had great fun chatting to both competitors and spectators, and it was fab to see some really interesting sports continuing to be held at this quintessential English sports show! It turned out to be one of the most unique events we have attended this summer! Oh, and we sold a few bags too….

Younique x


The view along the way!
Our stall
Fell running routes… Phew!

The beautiful view

Mally the resident pig!


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