Five Important Welsh Phrases You Need to Know

Next Monday, we are headed to Builth Wells for 2014’s Royal Welsh Show. From the 21st – 24th July we’ll be camped out in a field surrounded by all things Welsh, selling our beautiful leather Rowallan satchels.
To get us in the right mood, we are practising our Welsh this week, and we have discovered the five most essential Royal Show phrases we’ll need to know!

1. “Ble mae’r babell gwrw?”
TRANSLATION: “Where’s the beer tent”?
After a packed out summer of agricultural shows, it’s not taken us long to figure out that the beer tent is where it’s at! Buzzing with locals, traders, showmen, horsemen, royals, peasants…. The beer tent is the ideal place to be after a hot day of trotting round the shows. Always brimming with homegrown ales and nibbles, we’re hoping the Welsh don’t let us down with their local delicacies!

2. “Mae aderyn yn edrych brawychus ar eich ysgwydd …”
TRANSLATION: “There appears to be a scary looking bird on your shoulder…”
We are most looking forward to watching the falconry skills of Jonathan Marshall at this years Royal Welsh show. Not content with just peregrine falcons and golden eagles, Marshall has now begun to incorporate dancing Spanish horses and hot air balloons into his routine…. What more could you want?!

3. “Fy post yn hwyr”
TRANSLATION: “My mail is late”
…Probably because it is being delivered by the oldest and possibly most famous horse drawn Royal Mail coach in the UK! That’s right, the London-Norwich Royal Mail Coach will be trotting about on site next week, showing off it’s record breaking horseman skills. Described as a piece of living history, the coach was put out of business when the railways were invented 150 years ago. Well worth taking the kids along to see how eBay were delivering their parcels over a century ago!

4. “Na, ni fyddai i yn hoffi bathdy tenau waffer”
TRANSLATION: “No, I would not like a wafer thin mint”
Not even a very thin one. With everything from Camarthenshire cheese to gourmet butchery; homemade ice creams to Welsh oggies, guaranteed we will be spoilt for choice at the show. With plans put in place to make this year the biggest culinary year yet, we are currently starving ourselves in preparation for a few days of gourmet Welsh eating.

5. “Mae hynny’n fag lledr yn edrych yn hollol anhygoel ar chi. Mae’n rhaid i chi ei brynu.”
TRANSLATION: “That leather satchel looks absolutely amazing on you. You MUST buy it”
Yes you must, because we will be selling the best quality leather satchels you can find at the Royal Welsh Show this year. Situated in the Cottage Industries tent on Avenue 1, we stock a range of beautiful Rowallan leather bags to suit everyone from equestrian professional to vintage royalty! Pop by to try one on, and guaranteed you will fall in love with our gorgeous hand crafted leather. Even better, if you mention you saw us online we will be extra kind and offer you a loyalty discount!

We’re now fluent in everything we will need for this year’s show… So all that’s left to say is “Iechyd Da!” Bottoms up!



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